CK Asset Holdings Limited (“CK Asset” or “the Group”) is a leading multinational corporation committed to achieving long-term sustainable growth through continual strengthening of its existing property businesses, and steady enhancement of its recurring income base via prudent investment strategy. The Group has diverse capabilities with activities encompassing property development and investment, hotel and serviced suite operation, property and project management, investment in infrastructure and utility asset operation and aircraft leasing.

As one of the largest property developers in Hong Kong, CK Asset has a leading market share in Hong Kong, an extensive portfolio in Mainland China, and a significant presence in Singapore and the United Kingdom. With its long history of property development expertise, the Group has built many of Hong Kong’s most notable landmark buildings and complexes, some of which form part of its core asset holdings.

The Group also holds unitholding interests in three listed real estate investment trusts, namely Hui Xian REIT (stock code: 87001), Fortune REIT (stock code: 778), and Prosperity REIT (stock code: 808).

In addition to the property businesses, CK Asset has diversified globally through quality investments with stable recurring revenue on a worldwide basis. It has extended its reach to the sector of infrastructure and utility assets, as well as aircraft leasing, with investments and operations now spanning continental Europe, Australia, Canada and the United Kingdom.

The Group’s infrastructure and utility assets include the CK William Group, which owns and operates energy utility assets in Australia, namely Multinet Gas, Dampier Bunbury Pipeline, United Energy, and Energy Developments; ista, which is one of the world's leading fully integrated energy management services providers with strong market positions in European countries such as Germany, the Netherlands and France; and Reliance Home Comfort, which is principally engaged in the building equipment services sector mainly in Canada. All businesses provide the Group with a solid platform for generation of stable revenue and cashflows.

The Group's aircraft leasing investments are held through Accipiter Holdings Designated Activity Company and Vermillion Aviation Holdings Limited. With a disciplined investment approach and an experienced local team, the Group aims to invest primarily in more liquid narrowbody Airbus and Boeing aircraft to generate steady income streams on a medium to long term basis.